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With 18+ years experience in body piercing, Katie is our senior piercer! Having spent most of that time in Houston, she’s enjoying seeing and helping clients from all over the world. Aseptic techniques, implant grade jewelry and customer service are top concerns to her and she’s here to help in every step of the process from consultation, to piercing, to healing and beyond!


What is your piercing policy?

At Rose and Dagger, our top priority is happiness and health of our clients. We supply all implant grade, high quality jewellery for both new and healed piercings! Starting as young as 7 years old with lobes, and 14 years old for most other locations on the body, and 18 for exotic work, we welcome minors and adults alike with proper paperwork and identification.

What do you require to get a piercing?

As per Texas state law, we require photo IDs, birth certificates, and guardian consent and ID for minors. For the protection of your child, we do not offer genital or nipple piercing under the age of 18, but happily perform all exotic and safe sites 18 and above.

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